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New Resources
View Resource Makerspaces in Libraries: Legal Considerations

Your community is supercharged about the new makerspace planned for your library. All systems are full speed ahead, and the staff is ready. But wait. Have you considered all the issues? Do you know about the liability issues inherent in makerspace programs? What can your library do to protect itself from liability? What elements should be in user waivers and in partnership agreements? Can...
View Resource How to Get Media Coverage for Your Event

Have you tried to get media coverage for your event, and been disappointed? Join veteran newspaper, magazine and TV reporter Barbara Lewis to learn about the best ways to garner publicity for your event. She’ll discuss Top 15 Tips on dealing with the media. At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will: Know how to select the right media Know how to develop the perfect pitch Know...
View Resource Technology User's Advisory: Guiding consumers through the digital marketplace

In this webinar, learners will explore the world of gadgets, learn how they work, recognize the differences between various devices, and what questions to ask in order to determine which gadget will best meet customers' needs. At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will: Be able to ask five key questions to identify customer technology needs. Define at least five items in a spec...
View Resource Community Engagement and the Declaration for the Right to Libraries

Libraries of all types from coast to coast have hosted Declaration signings, and speakers for this session will discuss their approach and share examples of how they used the Declaration as a means to engage their communities in discussions about their needs, as well as the value of the library.
View Resource Embrace the Evolution: Adapting Reference Service to New Technology

Through mobile library services, flipped and co-learning experiences, and virtual reference tools, libraries can continue to demonstrate the importance of reference skills. Join digital strategist Toby Greenwalt for an exploration of current and emerging techniques. At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will: Identify the opportunities presented by changes in public technology...

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